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Rules // Characters

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Rules // Characters

Post by Eisuke Ichinomiya on Tue Mar 08, 2016 6:48 pm

Hello everyone, my name is Takeru.
I'm the admin of this forum as well as the Mun of Eisuke.  
I created Voltage inc Play, or short ViP, as a forum for interaction ((Roleplay)) between the characters.
I really love Roleplay, but I prefere interaction between the characters, since it's a lot fun to recreate stories or make cross-overs.
You can find a lot of great people in the fandom on facebook,
but sometimes you can't really get in touch with other Muns, because they're too busy.
That's why this forum is only for Mun & Muses.

As for the rules,
they'll be the standard roleplay rules, but there will be no double booking,
every character will only exist once.
- Be friendly and fair ((Of couse this does not apply for roleplay itself, but don't over do it, you have to know when to stop))
- The Safeword for the above mentioned situation is aloecheese please remember it well.
- Respect each other
- Don't just jump into individual started RP's, ask first.
- There will be mass RP's for Cross-Overs between the games.
- Out Of Character topics are ok as well, but they have to be posted in the Mun section.
- Chacters which are NOT from Voltage will be deleted.(( side characters like siblings, coworkers, ect are ok ))
This list will be edited, if there are changes.

I hope we can get along and have a lot fun!

- Currently Taken -
Kissed By The Baddest Bidder
- Eisuke Ichinomiya

Love Letter from Thief X
- The White Raccoon

10 Days With My Devil
- Haruhito Amano

My Sweet Bodyguard
- Daichi Katsuragi

Our Two Bedroom Story
- Tsumugu Kido

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